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Important Resources


OmegaFi is a specialized platform for our Fraternity. It helps with financial management, communication, and organization operations. It offers tools for budgeting, dues collection, member communication, and alumni engagement, making it easier for chapters to manage their finances and stay connected.

Phi Psi Calendar

Phi Psi Calendar contain events that Brothers should know about, from chapter, to philo's, workshops, and functions.

Phi Psi Portal

The Phi Kappa Psi National Portal is an online platform tailored to Phi Kappa Psi fraternity members. It serves as a hub for chapter resources, communication, and organization management. Through this portal, members can access chapter-specific information, manage finances, stay updated on events, and communicate with fellow brothers, enhancing the overall Phi Kappa Psi experience.

Service Hours

Service Hours

*Coming Soon*

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