Fall Recruitment!

The Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity is seeking new recruits! We are looking for upstanding gentlemen of integrity who exemplify academic, social, and moral excellence.

In 2015, OSU Phi Kappa Psi was honored as the Grand Chapter of Phi Kappa Psi, the top Phi Psi chapter in the entire country. This year’s freshmen class will be a part of continuing that standard of excellence and raising the bar even higher for coming generations of brothers.

Below is our formal recruitment event schedule for Fall 2015. Please contact Neal Mankins at 1.925.719.9441 or Morgan Melendrez 1.925.519.9353 if you are interested in meeting our brothers at one of these events:

Sunday 9/27 @ 6pm - Outdoor Sports Night at the Student Legacy Park

Monday 9/28 @ 6pm - Chapter Dinner at Phi Psi

Tuesday 9/29 @ 6pm - Game Night at Phi Psi

Wednesday 9/30 @ 6pm - Indoor Sports Night at McAlexander Field House

Thursday 10/1 @ 6pm - Steaks & Cigars Night at Phi Psi

Friday 10/2 @ 6pm - Phi Psi Friday

Saturday 10/3 @ Noon - Jump Day at the MU Quad