Oregon Beta wins coveted Grand Chapter award

Brothers, friends, and family. We did it. Phi Kappa Psi at Oregon State has just been honored with national accreditation as the 2015 Grand Chapter. This is pretty neat for a lot of reasons.

  • Over three years ago, the men of Phi Psi Oregon Beta set a goal to win this award. We knew it would take years of effort, and it seemed all but unattainable at the time, but here we are today with the trophy.
  • There are 104 Phi Psi chapters in the country who competed for this award.
  • Grand Chapter has been awarded to only one other West Coast school, Stanford, in the 163 year history of Phi Psi. 
  • Our Phi Psi chapter joins the ranks of Sigma Phi Epsilon and Lambda Chi Alpha as the third fraternity at Oregon State in recent memory to win our best chapter awards within our respective national fraternities. That makes THREE Nattys won by the OSU Greek System, and the Oregon Ducks football team still has yet to get theirs. #GoBeavs.‬

I guess you could say I'm pretty damn proud to be a Phi Psi.