Owen Sutter

Owen Sutter is a junior studying Design and Innovation Management. Owen is from Portland, Oregon and in his free time he enjoys travelling, reading, the outdoors, photography, sketching and working out. 

As President, Owens role is to be the face of the chapter and work for our best interests with our national fraternity, the university and IFC. 



Vice President

Ian Walker

Ian is a juinor from Eugene, Oregon. Ian is studying Economics: Law and policy, and Political Science with an option in Pre-Law. he enjoys music, Photoshop/Illustrator, Cryptocurrencies, fashion trends, high end fashion, and learning.

Ian says "I see my role in the house being essentially the COO, or the chief operating officer of the chapter. In that role there is a lot which falls on my shoulders from the GP, and what ends up being my job is leading the charge in determining what projects get the most attention from the chapter and then delegating the smaller tasks which make up my projects to the chairmen and their respective committees. 
    From that general idea, there ends up being quite a bit involved in the maintenance of house-wide goals and ensuring that deadlines are met with optimal quality of performance. Assisting in the creation of timelines and at-large action plans is a significant part of making sure that everyone is on the same page and working together throughout the process. 
    If the president is seen as the captain of the ship which is our chapter, acting as the ambassador to other organizations and being the #1 in charge, I like to think of VGP being the Quartermaster of the chapter, being in charge in absence of the captain and being the officer tasked with overseeing internal operations and resource management. 



Shea Larkin

Shea is a junior studying Mechanical Engineering. He enjoys spending time with friends as well as watching or playing sports. 

As Treasurer of the house, Shea will oversee all financials to keep the chapter afloat and maintain our presence in the community through philanthropic events.

Shea's goal as Treasurer is to instill a plan that puts the house on track to relieve our debt and reinventing the organization of our financials so that we can streamline annual transitions.


Corresponding Secretary

Sam Malany

Sam is a senior here at Oregon State from Portland, Oregon and is studying Construction Engineering Management. He enjoys hanging out with the boys and getting to know everyone in the house. 

Sam's job is to maintain relationships with our national fraternity organization and with other fraternities and sororities in Corvallis. He is instrumental in keeping communication from our chapter for on campus relations and our nationals. 

Recording Secretary 

Micheal Arellano

Micheal is studying Bio-engineering at Oregon State's College of Engineering and is from Tigard, Oregon. Micheal enjoys soccer, basketball, snowboarding and hanging out with the boys.

As Recording Secretary, Micheal takes meeting minutes/notes for all chapters and other important meetings we have as a fraternity. He also makes sure that the brothers in the house can see the notes if they miss a meeting, and updates our Chapter By-Laws.

His goal is to increase attendance by 10% for chapter and 20% for work parties. He would also want to find a way to make attendance easier and quicker.


Roman Mccambridge

Roman is studying Construction Engineering Management here at Oregon State and is from Seattle, Washington. In his free time he enjoys rock-climbing, hiking, and lacrosse.

The Historian's job is do record everything we do as Phi Psi's throughout the year. Anything we do, Roman will record it!

Roman's goal is to properly capture the events, accomplishments, and everyday happenings of the house and its members and to compile it in a cohesive manner.

Sergeant at Arms

Ian Birrell

Ian is majoring in Construction Engineering Management through the College of Engineering at Oregon State. He enjoys playing football, lacrosse, video games, and hanging out with friends.

Ian's position as the Sergeant at Arms is to be the protector of the chapter. He protects our rituals, secrets and the house in general whatever the occasion. He enforces the dress code of our formal chapter meetings as he sees fit, and makes sure our chapter meetings run smoothly.


Nate Dowling

Nate is a sophomore at Oregon State University studying mechanical engineering with a minor in Computer Science. He is from Portland, Oregon and in his spare time he makes music.

The Messenger is responsible for sorting the mail, updating a house calendar and sending out mass text messages.

Nate says "Over this next year I hope to make messenger a more important role in the house. This way, those following in my footsteps will contribute more to the house than those before me typically have. To be more specific, I would like to make messenger the unofficial manager of all internal communications and scheduling in addition to the mail sorting and group messaging responsibilities already bestowed upon the position."


Jason Amar

Jason is a senior at Oregon State University, studying Marketing and is from Portland, Oregon. He enjoys listening to music and kicking it with the boys.

As the Chaplain, he is the moral compass of the house. He helps members deal with issues going on in their lives, and direct them to off campus resources if need be. He says it is great to be able to help brothers out in this way and keep the morale of the house strong. He additionally provides inspirational quotes of his choosing at our weekly chapter meetings. 

Jason's main goal is to bring the brotherhood closer together and assuring that there are no personal issues amongst the members that go unnoticed