Alumni involvement is critical to the success of our fraternity. Membership in Phi Kappa Psi continues beyond graduation and well into professional life. Our alumni exemplify that value through their ongoing contributions to the organization.

Three key alumni groups advise the Oregon Beta chapter: The Chapter Advisory Council, The Oregon Beta House Corporation, and Alumni Mentors.

These 9 brothers graduated in June of 2017, recently becoming alumni of the Oregon Beta chapter of Phi Kappa Psi

These 9 brothers graduated in June of 2017, recently becoming alumni of the Oregon Beta chapter of Phi Kappa Psi

The Chapter Advisory Council is comprised of a head Chapter Advisor, who is an alumni volunteer appointed by the undergraduate chapter, and a committee of Advisors that take charge of mentoring their chapter counterparts in specific areas of fraternity operations. The CAC advises the undergraduate chapter in critical areas such as executive leadership, organizational management, financial management, membership standards and recruitment, risk management and information technology. The CAC facilitates annual officer workshops and goal-setting, as well as quarterly and monthly check-ins on performance against organizational goals and key results.

The Oregon Beta House Corporation maintains the physical facility and property that the brotherhood of Phi Kappa Psi calls home. The House Corporation coordinates with the undergraduate chapter to provide a safe and welcoming home for all brothers and guests. This includes management of assets and liabilities, facility maintenance, upkeep and improvement. The House Corporation Board of Directors is led by alumni volunteers who are elected by the legislative assembly of Phi Kappa Psi brothers at Founders Day, and is responsible for coordinating House Corporation operations in between annual legislative assemblies.

Alumni Mentors: The broader body of local alumni participate in our annual Homecoming, Founders Day and Alumni Induction celebrations, and mentor undergraduate proteges seeking career placement within their professions to imbue vital career skills not emphasized in academic settings. If you’d like to learn more about alumni involvement at Phi Kappa Psi or get involved yourself, please contact Tyler MacMaster, the Alumni and Family Relations Chairman, to get involved with the Mentorship Program at